Portable SOS Duress Alarms

NEW – 4GX GPS SOS Duress Devices

High-tech assistive technology SOS duress alarms with safety protocols and  optional 24/7 security monitoring.  Peace of mind for personnel Work Health Safety and persons who require duty of care, protection and safeguard.

SOS Duress Alarms,SOS help,man down alarm

Smart Technology SOS Duress Alarms

Ensure Work Health Safety For Outreach, Lone & Community Workers. The latest  technology SOS duress alarms offer top security solutions for the wearer.


SOS duress alarms feature well displayed and visible SOS emergency buttons. The SOS alarm gets activated by pressing the emergency button for 2 – 3 seconds.


SOS alarm gets silently sent to contacts. Quiet vibration of the device indicates to the sender that the alarm has been dispatched.


All steps of security protocol are now executed. SOS is forwarded to nominated contacts or 24/7 security company. Police may be called out.


Public workers, community workers, outreach personnel, occupational therapists, nurses, miners and many more are doing their jobs remotely. It is challenging for companies to stay informed at all times of the safety of their personnel. SOS duress alarm systems help organizations to stay in touch with workers, to check on their well-being, and mostly to allow workers to reach emergency help when required.

SOS Duress Alarms For Emergency And Safety,clearly visible emergency call button for SOS help,man down alarm

  • Lone worker safety
  • Remote patient care
  • Senior protection
  • Child safety
  • Monitoring service
  • Workplace safety
  • Outreach program
SOS Duress Alarms,SOS help,man down alarm

SOS Duress Alarms For Emergency And Safety

Duress alarms need to be easy to access and operate. In an emergency situation people have no time to stop and think their way through a complicated series of steps. This is why efficient SOS duress alarm systems mostly feature a clearly visible emergency call button for SOS help, a man down alarm, and GPS co-ordinates to check on the location of the incident.


SOS Duress Alarms – ‘Man Down’ Feature -24/7 Security

Easy to use in a distress situation with BIG emergency SOS button – sophisticated in technology that bridges the gap for human safety and security.

SOS Duress Alarms,SOS help,man down alarm

" At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. "

– Jodi Rell

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