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Questions We Get Asked

Below is a collection of the most common questions we get asked. If you want to find out more, or anything else that you don’t find covered in our online documentation, please don’t hesitate to give us a quick call.

Why do your SOS devices send silent alarms?

When you are in a distress situation you want to be able to send an alarm signal in a silent manner in order not to aggravate the situation you find yourself in. The alarm will be dispatched quietly and without anyone noticing except for you: your alarming unit will gently vibrate to let you know that the alarm signal was sent to your points of contact. From here the discussed escalation process will be rolled out.

What happens if I press the alarm by accident?

SOS duress alarm buttons need to be pressed for at least 2 – 3 seconds to trigger an alarm in order to prevent an unintentional SOS call . Once triggered the escalation protocol will commence. There will be a component in this protocol where you can cancel/diffuse the alarm by giving the correct password when you get a call to verify your situation. Escalation protocols and passwords get set up prior to the SOS duress alarm going into the field.

Can we hire the SOS duress alarms from you?

No, we do not hire any units out. All our products are new, come with all inherent accessories and need to get purchased by you. They get tested and programmed to your specific needs. They are yours to keep. It is only the SIM card that is inside the alarm units that will get disabled and needs to be discarded after disconnection.

Why do I have to pay monthly ongoing costs ?

Every SOS duress alarm needs to have a SIM card, just like your mobile phone. To draw data for you, to replay history, to communicate with other contacts and to collect and send geo-locations the alarm units need to access web servers or APPs. We run and maintain the necessary servers and software.  We keep monthly recurring charges at a low cost and most of all, we have kept our costs steady for years. The recurring charge depends on the services rendered.

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Do you sign me up on a contract?

We do not sign you into a contract. You purchase the hardware. We provide the SIM card, program the unit free of charge and send it out to you – you are now ready to go. We bill you monthly for the service charge (webserver/App + SIM card cost and if required 24/7 monitoring by AISIL approved security company). When you do not need the service any longer, you send us an email and we disconnect the SIM card. You keep the hardware and you can reconnect your unit when you require to – we simply send you a new SIM card (a small re-connection fee applies).

Do I need to have 24/7 monitoring security company ?


sos duress alarm,urgent enquiries,24/7 monitoring security company

You do not need to have security company monitoring. It is the most secure and professional option of SOS duress alarm procedure. Everyone has different requirements and our devices are flexible and multi functional. We offer a range of solutions and will gladly discuss these with you to find the most suitable solution for your needs. It really depends which level of safety and security you are looking for.


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